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Antioxidant Pycnogenol Benefits

Anitoxidant Pycnogenol Benefits are different from those of other antioxidant supplements. PYC is not a single antioxidant, but an antioxidant complex of 40+ different flavonoids (also called proanthocyanidins). Researchers have suggested that antioxidants may work better as a “network.” For this … Continue reading

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History of Pycnogenol

Ancient Pine Bark Wisdom Revealed The presence of what is now known as Pycnogenol (pronounced “pick-NAH-jen- all”) can be traced far back to ancient civilizations. Pine bark has been considered a health promoting substance for millennia, with therapeutic applications emerging … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol for Circulation Support in Smokers

Platelet Reactivity Index is a measure of blood cell “stickiness” (platelet aggregation) which is associated with blood clot formation and the onset of cardiovascular problems like stroke and thrombosis. Among many other dramatically higher cardiovascular risk factors (not to mention … Continue reading

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