Anna’s Testimonial

“Many years ago, while working far south in Russia, I had complications with digestive problems. A coworker originally from a small village in Siberia noticed my suffering and told me amazing stories about folks living deep in the woods of Siberia, far from civilization, who used ancient remedies to help with health issues. They cut slits in the bark of pine trees and collected juice that later looks like gum. They chewed on it for many health problems. An old man from their village started chewing on the hardened pine juice, and he felt stronger and looked younger than before.


My friend, this young woman, had stomach problems for a long time. She chewed on the same hard pine juice and felt better. Following her advice, I chewed this pine juice, too. The effects were that I could eat without stomach discomfort, my gums got firmer and my skin looked smoother.


For many years now I have lived in Texas, far away from those nice people. But I always wanted to find a similar remedy, and here it is: Pycnogenol – a pure, natural remedy that keeps me feeling stronger and younger. When people feel healthy, they are happy… I definitely recommend Pycnogenol to everybody.” – Anna, Plano, TX

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