Antioxidant Pycnogenol Benefits

Anitoxidant Pycnogenol Benefits are different from those of other antioxidant supplements.

Pine Bark Extract Antioxidant Activity

Pycnogenol antioxidant activity evolved to defend tree in harsh coastal conditions.

PYC is not a single antioxidant, but an antioxidant complex of 40+ different flavonoids (also called proanthocyanidins).

Researchers have suggested that antioxidants may work better as a “network.” For this reason, many nutritional supplement products for anti-aging and general well-being will combine multiple antioxidant compounds, sometimes numbering in the dozens. By presenting a matrix, these products may achieve synergy.

Antioxidants interact together; regenerating and supporting each other to generate cellular defense networks that are stronger than the sum of their parts.

Pycnogenol Antioxidants form a Natural Network

Moreover, this pine bark extract matrix of compounds has evolved over millions of years — becoming stronger with time as the bark was exposed to harsh seaside elements and blazing beach sun. Some evidence suggests that PYC’s unique antioxidant “fingerprint” has special properties that are not seen together in any other antioxidant supplement:

Pycnogenol Antioxidant Advantages

  • Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark is highly bioavailable
  • PYC boosts blood antioxidant levels by 40% leading researchers to say it ““considerably improves antioxidant protection in plasma.”
  • PYC Pine bark extract “recharges” vitamin C and vitamin E
  • It boosts blood levels of glutathione, a super antioxidant
  • Blocks bio-pathways that generate destructive free radicals.
  • Its collagen-binding brings antioxidants to skin, blood vessels and connective tissues.
  • PYC promotes microcirculation, supporting delivery of additional antioxidants

Did you know? Pycnogenol anti-aging antioxidant activity for skin has long been hailed in the European beauty product market, where it is a primary ingredient in many luxury anti-aging skin creams and advanced serums and considered among the best anti-aging supplements.

Pycnogenol antioxidant activity is actually a unique combination of powerful bioflavonoids and high bioavailability make it the ideal choice for a solid foundation to any antioxidant program. As a complex, PYC may have the capacity to replace multiple antioxidant supplements, which may help offset its expense in relation to other compounds.

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