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Antioxidant Pycnogenol Benefits

Anitoxidant Pycnogenol Benefits are different from those of other antioxidant supplements. PYC is not a single antioxidant, but an antioxidant complex of 40+ different flavonoids (also called proanthocyanidins). Researchers have suggested that antioxidants may work better as a “network.” For this … Continue reading

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History of Pycnogenol

Ancient Pine Bark Wisdom Revealed The presence of what is now known as Pycnogenol (pronounced “pick-NAH-jen- all”) can be traced far back to ancient civilizations. Pine bark has been considered a health promoting substance for millennia, with therapeutic applications emerging … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol for Circulation Support in Smokers

Platelet Reactivity Index is a measure of blood cell “stickiness” (platelet aggregation) which is associated with blood clot formation and the onset of cardiovascular problems like stroke and thrombosis. Among many other dramatically higher cardiovascular risk factors (not to mention … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol Benefits Endometriosis

Research on Pycnogenol for endometriosis suggests the pine bark extract may safely and naturally help to reduce symptoms. Endometriosis is a women’s health issue that occurs when uterine tissues grow abnormally, migrating to other areas of the reproductive system, digestive … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol for PMS & Menstrual Discomfort

Pycnogenol for PMS Pycnogenol benefits for healing and circulation, along with its botanical anti-inflammatory activity, might offer soothing support for the aches, cramps, and back pain sometimes encountered during menstruation. Also known as dysmenorrhea, painful menstruation and PMS can significantly impact … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol for Wound Healing & Scars

Study Suggests Pycnogenol Benefits Skin Healing In one animal study, experimental wounds were treated with either a placebo gel or a gel containing one percent, two percent or five percent Pycnogenol. Researchers tracking the healing progress of the wounds reported … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol Binds to Collagen & Elastin

The fibrous proteins collagen and elastin are critical “building block” components of many different body tissues, lending strength, stability and flexibility to blood vessels, skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments and more. Unfortunately, as we grow older some enzymes – including matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) – … Continue reading

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Anna’s Testimonial

“Many years ago, while working far south in Russia, I had complications with digestive problems. A coworker originally from a small village in Siberia noticed my suffering and told me amazing stories about folks living deep in the woods of Siberia, far from civilization, who … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol Cholesterol Benefits

One study investigating Pycnogenol’s influence on CVI found an unexpected benefit: healthy cholesterol support. In the study, 40 patients took either 600 mg of horse chestnut seed extract or 360 mg of Pycnogenol every day over four weeks. At study’s end, researchers found … Continue reading

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Pycnogenol Nitric Oxide Benefits

Pycnogenol nitric oxide benefits are a result of its interaction with endothelial cells throughout the body’s circulatory system. The endothelium is a layer of cells that line blood vessels throughout the body, helping to regulate their function, and in turn, … Continue reading

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