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Pycnogenol for Circulation Support in Smokers

Platelet Reactivity Index is a measure of blood cell “stickiness” (platelet aggregation) which is associated with blood clot formation and the onset of cardiovascular problems like stroke and thrombosis. Among many other dramatically higher cardiovascular risk factors (not to mention … Continue reading

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PYC: “Capillary-Sealing” Effects

Capillaries are the body’s smallest blood vessels, so narrow that they can only carry red blood cells in single file. Capillaries enable the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to tissues throughout the body, as well as enabling the removal of wastes. … Continue reading

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Study: 300 mg Pycnogenol for Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a circulatory problem in which leg veins struggle to pump blood back to the heart due to faulty valves. This causes blood to pool in the legs and feet, which can increase permeability of capillaries … Continue reading

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Study on Pycnogenol for Microcirculation

Some clinical studies with human subjects have investigated how Pycnogenol may help with circulation in the capillaries, which are the body’s smallest blood vessels. Capillary health is important because these tiny blood vessels play a role in delivering oxygen, blood and nutrients … Continue reading

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