Marilyn’s Testimonial

“I work in a machine shop, where I actually cut steel and aluminum all day long using knives and other hand tools. Several years ago, my neck and trapezius muscle was so inflamed that the company sent me to the doctor. It took lots of ibuprofen to get that stiff neck settled down and the ibuprofen was giving me pain in my heart. I was reading several vitamin and herbal books and found out about Pycnogenol. I learned that Pycnogenol was a flavonoid that made vitamin C work well in the body. I knew that vitamin C would protect me from most diseases. I started taking Pycnogenol every day in the mornings with my vitamin C. I have been taking them for three or four years now. The first thing I noticed is that I hardly ever get sick anymore. The colds and flus just pass me by most of the time, even though others around me are coughing and sneezing. The next thing I realized is that my trapezius muscle does not get inflamed anymore. Even though I am 52 years old, I feel like I can work right along with the young people without getting sore and damaging my body. Pycnogenol is great! Thanks to God for this natural healing and life-sustaining benefits!” Marilyn H. Escondido, California

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